Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting to know my camera

I've been out and about a bit lately, practicing with our camera and trying to learn how to take good shots. At this point in my photographic career, any good shots are purely accidental, and there are countless hundreds of awful ones to make up for anything decent.

The boys are at a beautiful age. They talk a lot, about all sorts of things. They know stuff, and I don't know where they learned it. Like the names of all the different types of dinosaurs. It's quite remarkable.

Rocky is VERY into dressups, and Iron Man is his current favourite. Although apparently at kindy he is first in line for the white fairy dress.

Last weekend, we decided to take the boys out for a morning on the river. We're so lucky here in Brisbane to have a free ferry service for the inner-city. We jumped on at Kangaroo Point and spent a happy half an hour meandering along the river to New Farm, where we hit the playground.  They adored it.

And ohmygoodness how good is homemade bread?! 

It's my birthday next week. I'm going to be 36. I don't feel it. I remember my mum turning 36 when I was in high school and thinking it was SO old. By the time my boys are in finishing highschool, I'm going to be staring down the barrel of 50. Times have changed.


  1. We did the train last weekend! Toddler C loved it! Next up is the ferry! Taking it to New Farm is a great idea!

    And happy early birthday!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful day! I love those last three shots! Beautiful captures! I am turning 31 this year - and already loving my thirties! I feel like I have so much more clarity now than in my twenties! Happy Birthday for next week! Elisa xx

  3. your photos are really lovely ... light filled and the sweetest faces x


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