Thursday, February 28, 2013

Age and aesthetic

Our home has beautiful bones. It's a 1920-something Queenslander with decorative ceilings, plate rails, and leadlights. The original parts of the house have been left well enough alone, so we are lucky enough to have separate formal living and dining rooms.

One of the most unusual spaces in our house is the old tiny entry way, where the front door used to be before what is now the sunroom was built in. It's a cute little space that has a beautiful ornate mirror on one wall, and a hall table opposite. 

We haven't ever particularly given much thought to the hall table. It's glass, so it's unobtrusive and perfectly fine. But it's very generic, and I have become obsessed with finding a mid-century sideboard to replace it. Something with drawers, of course; because you can never have too much storage.

In years gone by, before I kind of grew into my own skin, I probably would have sought out something made in the same decade as the house - because I would have thought that would have been the correct way to decorate. Even if I didn't particularly like the piece. But now, I'm older, I've found my groove, and I am more confident in mixing styles and eras. I think as long as you carefully choose beautiful pieces, you can never really go wrong. 

I love the warmth of timber, and I'm hoping to nab something teak or rosewood. I've been stalking gumtree and ebay like a madwoman, as I don't get much of a chance to go second hand furniture shopping. 

I'm sure just the right thing will pop up soon, and I'm rather hoping it looks something like this. Or at least, will, with a bit of elbow grease.

Or this.

Eye-achingly beautiful. At least I think so. And that's all that matters really isn't it..?


  1. I love that last pic - Google G Plan furniture. Scandanavian I think (1950- 1970's). Beautiful pieces! I'm in love and am always stalking Trademe here in NZ for finds. xo

  2. Good luck!
    If you find two and need to get rid of one, let me know!

    Our old 1900's Queenslander is decorated in a complete mish mash of different styles of furniture...including our original Early Kooka stove!


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