Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting my paint on

I'm obsessed with painted wicker / painted cane / painted rattan / painted whateveryouwanttocallit and have been stalking pinterest and ebay like a crazy person.

See: obsessed.


(these images are all from my pinterest page - - and you can click through to find the original sources)

I've missed out on five fabulous chairs but today I won! Bam! I got this unpolished beauty for the bargain price of $20, and the best bit is that it's currently residing only a few suburbs away.

She's currently not the most glamourous of chairs, but I love her diamond panels and curved arms. She's definitely going to be turquoise. Or yellow. Or shiny shiny shiny black.........


  1. We must have similar taste because every week, I search for 'cane chair' or 'wicker chair' here on Gumtree Perth :) I missed out on an awesome one at the link below I was planning on painting navy blue:

    This is where I want a gorgeous chair for:

    I'd also love a pretty 'peacock' style cane bedhead for Sophie's room when she's older which I would paint too :)

    I love the chair you've scored and what a bargain!! My vote is for turquoise - can't wait to see its transformation!! Will you make a cushion for it? x

    1. ohmygoodness! That chair you just missed was so lovely! I have been looking for ages too, and it's been such a bummer missing out on them, but I'm really happy with my find today. I am sure you will find something gorgeous really soon. I adore that peacock style :) I'll definitely do a cushion as well, and then, hopefully, at some point in the not-too-distant future, I will find a moment to sit, with tea, and read :)


Thank you for posting! You've just made my day :)