Friday, March 9, 2012

Two and a half

 Hame and Rocky are 2.5 today. It blows my mind. Some days it blows my mind that I'm even a mum, let alone to twins, and let alone to twin toddlers. They keep us busy :)

My darling boys,
You are two and a half! And so much fun has has been happening in your gorgeous little lives.
You've started 'Junior Kindy' one day a week, and you adore it. You especially love packing your backpack and wearing it around. The Wiggles, of course. Look at the size of them: they're nearly the same size as you, my tiny little humans.
Unfortunately, on your very first day you picked up Hand Foot and Mouth virus! Poor Hamey was really very ill with it. Rocky, you only got it very mildly, but it kept us all cooped up for a couple of weeks.

You're both really enjoying 'reading', and I often find you cosied up like this  - totally adorable.

You're also very keen on building things. I'd say you enjoy destroying the fruits of your labour more - that's definitely your main reason for achieving such feats of engineering, but I'm hopeful that, one day, one of your towering masterpieces will remain intact long enough for me to get a photo.
We had a big party to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, and you LOVED it. All those people paying you all that attention! Oh, and the dancing. You love dancing, and I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter. This photo is one of my favourites - dancing with my little men.

We went to Stradbroke Island on the ferry, I had my birthday (and you sang so beautifully to me), and you started running off with my iphone, taking all kinds of artistically composed photos :)

 Tantrums aside, you are delightful darling boys. You make me happy. And you know it. You tell me all the time. You also tell me you make my heart smile. And you do. I am one lucky mama.

I love you my babies.

All the love in the universe,

Your mama


  1. Happy two and a half birthday to your beautiful boys. Two year olds have impressive tantrums but gosh, they are just so cute aren't they.

  2. Your posts to your boys always make me well up Jen. This post is so beautifully written, totally melts my heart as does that first photo and the gorgeous shot of you dancing with your darlings (stunning outfit by the way, you look gorgeous!!) xx


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