Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adventures in toilet training

Well, he's done it! Rocky is toilet trained. It's been a fortnight now, and not one single accident. He just decided one day that he'd use the "big boy toilet" and that was it. Done. Easy or what! I'm not sure how or when to tackle the standing up component though; I might leave that to Daddy.

He was entirely motivated by a Dora the Explorer "You did it!" chart and a gigantic selection of sparkly stickers. 

This new-found independence has sparked an obsession. He spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Looking into the loo bowl. Flushing the loo. Unrolling reams of paper. Flushing things into the loo. Asking where they went. Opening the lid. Closing the lid. Taking his pants off. Putting them on again. Exchanging Thomas undies for spaceman undies for pirate undies. Going - of course - with his eye on the sticker prize.

Hamish, on the other hand, is not keen at all. He's very supportive of his brother though, which is nice, if not particularly helpful to his own toilet training cause. Every time I say "Hamey, do you want to sit on the big boy toilet?", he replies with "No. Nope. Rocky will do it for me!"

Hilarious little boys.

I think, given how easy it was with Rocky, I'm just going to wait until Hame shows me that he's ready to make the transition. I don't want to force him. He'll get there in his own time. He always does.

And ohmygoodness, the undies. Could anything be cuter than teeny tiny undies (well, except for the teeny tiny bottom inside them, of course)?

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  1. Oh yay! Well done Rocky! SOOO good when they're out of nappies :)


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