Sunday, September 11, 2011

My babies are two

My darling Hamish, you are two years old. A little boy. But still my baby.

There are some things about you that I think will never change; your gentle nature, infectious smile, enthusiastic giggle, bottomless eyes, and kindness.

And then every day you accomplish something new and I love you even more again.

You love cuggles and kisses, which you say with the most adorable lisp. You wrap your arm around my neck like you never want to let go. You love your 'Grocky' and you're always angling for a hug with him. When you're sitting side by side, you're always touching. Hands, feet, arms, legs. You're so entwined with each other. It's amazing.

You love to run. Whenever there's an open space, you stop - just for a second - and then a huge grin spreads across your face and you're off!

I hope you're always smiling, running, laughing and loving, my angel boy.

All the love in the universe,
Your mama

Oh Rocky. You are one special little man. You've started narrating your life. It starts the instant you wake up, "ooh, I woked up! I woked up mummy!" And it doesn't stop until you close those beautiful eyes at night.

You are exceptionally enthusiastic about most things. You say "oooooh, niiiiiice" a lot. You tell us "oh no, rocky did get a boo boo - kiss it bedda mummy". The way you speak literally takes my breath away.

You love your 'Ahmy' and you can't relax unless you know he's ok. If you get a drink of water, you need to know he has one too. If you get some berries, you won't start eating until he's happily munching on his. You make sure he has his hat and his sunscreen, and you like to say 'nigh nigh' to him before you go to sleep.

I can't believe you're 2 years old, my little miracle baby. What a blessed two years it has been. I'm one lucky mama.

As always, all the love in the universe,
Your mama

And some snaps from the 'Rainbows, teepees, and superheros' party !

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  1. I must have missed this post Jen back when I was at the end of my pregnancy and waiting for Sophie to arrive :) Your boys are such darlings. I love reading your letters to them. They are so adorable looking and so adorable natured x


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