Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Some days, for some reason I can't explain, I realise how lucky I am, and how lucky my little family is.

We're lucky that we found love, and that we love deeply.

We're lucky that we have our health.

We're lucky that we have close family and friends we can count on, and who can count on us.

We're lucky that we have a beautiful forever house already.

We're lucky that the cards have been in our favour, when for so many others they're not.

We're lucky to have been fortunate enough to have two beautiful babies.

You'd never know by looking at me just how truly lucky I am to be alive.

You'd never know by looking at my babies just how tiny they were, and how all their risk factors for things like cerebral palsy were so much higher than average.

I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking about all the things I don't have. So every now and then I just make sure I acknowledge all that we do. I don't ever want to take any of it for granted.


  1. So happy I found you on this day, on this post of yours. I find myself thinking these thoughts so often, on most days, actually. Gratitude is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the extra reminder! X (And your little men are just sooo cute!) X

  2. What a lovely post and so many positive things for you to be grateful for :) I finally played along with your 'get to know' me game during the week :)


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