Friday, November 12, 2010

14 months

My mini men are 14 months old. They're walking, talking, and enjoying each other's company. There are lots of cuddles in our house. Seeing them give each other a hug and a 'pat' is seriously one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. It makes my heart melt.

They are ON THE GO. Always moving. Always getting into things. Always in different places getting into mischief at the same time. The other day Hamish got himself wedged under the sofa, and in the time it took me to get him out, Lach had worked out how to unlock the tv cabinet doors, and had started playing with the glass tea light holders!

Later that afternoon, Hamish climbed into the cupboard with all the ceramic dishes while Lach emptied the flour all over the floor at the opposite end of the kitchen.

The house has never been messier, I have never been more exhausted and challenged, but it is so lovely seeing them explore their world. You can't get cross - they're just trying to understand what is around them, and it's amazing to watch them learn so rapidly.

Mr Mishy

You are an angelic child. Always full of smiles and quick to laugh, you're an absolute delight. You're cheeky too though, and a prankster. You're always getting yourself into strange places, making funny sounds, and pulling funny faces just to make people laugh. You're definitely our entertainer.

You took your first steps just a few days ago, and this morning, before Daddy left for work, you did a big walk. You were beside yourself with excitement. The look on your face was so precious, I wish I could have bottled it.

You're getting bigger and bigger too. We have been seeing the dietician about your weight, and after a couple of months of adding cream, butter, cheese, oil and avocado to everything, we were given some high calorie supplements to add to your food. It worked! You have hit 9kg and that means you get to have your operation sooner, which is better for you in the long-run.

You still almost never cry. You don't make fuss about going to bed. You wake up smiling and the sound of you singing from your cot in the morning is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

I adore you you darling, beautiful, wonderful, kind, funny, boy.

All the love in the universe
Your mama

Hey Rockstar

You are clever. Really really clever. You pick up words a mile a minute. You chatter and babble all day long. You can say Mama, Daddy, Nana, Maaa, Pa, Mish, Ta, Cheese, Ball, Balloon, Car, Car Key, Star, Princess (nana's dog's name), blue, dog, quack, and bath.

You're always watching - really watching - trying to figure things out. You work out all your toys within about 3 minutes of using them, so we're constantly finding new things for you play with.

You love music. In fact, you totally rock out. You're really into the Stone Roses at the moment. You know the songs, and when the choruses come on you actually headbang. You have music in you. Even when there isn't any music playing, you sit there rocking away.

You're up and walking too. You're very confident on your feet and the day that you started you instantly changed from a baby into a little boy.

You've been going through a bit of a biting phase, which has left your poor mama rather battered and bruised, but we've realised that you think it's a kiss! This makes it ok. So we're learning how to do proper kisses and you haven't chomped into me in a couple of days now :)

You're still so little, but you more than make up for it in personality! I love you more than I can explain, you clever, funny, darling little scalliwag.

As ever, all the love in the universe

Your mama


  1. Oh Jen, your posts to your boys truly make my heart melt!! They both sound like such sweet, adorable little boys, each with their own little personality which you have described so well. I know what you mean about needing to have eyes in the back of your head, Grace is a bit of a 'troublemaker' lately too as she goes about exploring things around our house. Have a wonderful weekend. P.S I promise I haven't forgotten about the tagging game you passed on to me :)

  2. Jen, what gorgeous little creatures. I love reading your posts about them!

  3. They are so cool, twin boys, you lucky girl!! They look like they are having the time of their lives, so happy, free & full of beans. From a fellow mummy of twins (girls, now 9, in the middle of 4 children) it's lovely to meet you. Love Posie


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