Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Waving the white flag

I've officially surrendered. Arms up. Admitted defeat.

I will never win the battle of twinaphernalia.

From the bottles on the sink, to the baby bath and toys in the bathroom, to the portacot permanently up in our bedroom, to the rumpus room toy floor, and the spare bed still covered in presents from their first birthday party, the house has been taken over.

And you can't miss it. Primary colour bonanza! It smacks you in the face from every angle.

How can two such tiny little people amass more possessions than I think I have gathered in the past 33 years?? What kid needs 47 stuffed toys? And where did they come from? I know I didn't buy a single one of them.

One day I'll tackle it, but right now, I'm too tired. So instead, I might just sit down and have a little play with the stacking cups :)


  1. I know exactly what you mean!! (well half of what you mean) - our living room looks like a bomb has exploded in there by the end of the day with blocks and teddies and toys everywhere along with the other usual living room things rearranged too :)

  2. I take my hat off to you lovely lady, I struggled enough just having to keep up and clean up after one baby!

  3. Fair enough Jen! Play with those stacking cups to your heart's content!

  4. I regift soft toys- we have been given about 15 of them in his short life, and only 2 have remained. I think that's a win for me!

  5. Oh, the joy of soft toys....storing them is my bug bear!!! left a little tag on my last post for you Jen. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend with the boys. Sarah x


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