Monday, October 4, 2010


My little men are growing up so quickly.

We had lunch today with some dear friends who have a little girl a few weeks older than the boys, and a brand new 9 day old little baby girl.

She is *teeny tiny*. Tiny! Well, she seems it. I can't believe that only a year ago my little ones were only 1/3 of the size she is.

I truly had (and still don't really) no comprehension of just how little they were.

But you'd never know it now. This is them. Growing up faster than I can believe. Loving the car.


  1. too cute!!! I'm there with you too... I still can't believe that my bubba is now 2 1/2 ... *sigh* xox

  2. They're gorgeous! It seems so crazy when you look back and realise just how much they've grown in such a little time, doesn't it?

  3. Oh they are so such sweeties! Twice the niceness and they d o grow so quickly :-)

  4. They are adorable Jen! Such cute snaps :)


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