Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mathilda's Market here we come!!

I found out late yesterday that our application to sell immie&ollie at the next Mathilda's Market in Brisbane was successful. It's very exciting.

I've never sold anything at a market before, so am feeling a little anxious about making sure we have enough stock, that it's priced ok, and that we have good signs, business cards, and of course a beautiful display table, enough float, eftpos (should we?), and of course - what to wear!!!

Mum and I are going to have to start a sewing marathon. I have no idea how much stock we should take, so I think it will have to be as much as we can get made in time.

And of course you know what this means....... Fabric shopping!! one of my favourite things to do in the world :)


  1. hi jen
    congrats on immie + ollie and the market...
    i received my immie + ollie pram liner in the post yesterday and i'm very impressed... being a virgo i'm apparently very picky when it comes to the little details in everything!! nothing to pick here... it's beautifully made using high quality fabirc and has a beautiful feel in your hands and therefore it will have on your little ones head, back, bum and legs... i'm sure you'll be a huge success and yes take HEAPS of stock becuase i would have bought one if i wasn't lucky enough to win one... when i get a chance i'll pop a post on my blog... as you know it's been a little crazy here lately. thanks for your good wishes and positive thoughts for our family... i just love the beautiful souls you "meet" in the crafting and blogging world...

    chat soon
    shan xxxx

  2. *smile*

    thanks so much shan. i'm glad you like it. and thank you for your vote of confidence.


  3. Congratulations, that's huge news! Good luck with the preparation and the market.

  4. Thanks Kelly! I'm pretty excited. A little overwhelmed, but I'll get there :)


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