Monday, March 15, 2010

Hamish has his first tooth!

and he's being so amazing. I have been dreading the teething stage. All the books make it sound worse than anything else that goes on with a little baby. But I didn't even know he was getting a tooth until it cut through. He hasn't been whingey, he hasn't been waking up all night long, he doesn't have nappy rash, or red cheeks, or a grumpy attitude. He was off his milk a little bit, and it's only in hindsight that I've realised the tooth must have been the cause. He's such a gorgeous happy little chappy. Love you Mish!!


  1. I wish my littly would be like that.. We have had everything negative that comes with teething.. :( It's exhausting!

  2. You do realise that you've just jinxed yourself for the next tooth ... ?!

  3. I know I have!!! I was just saying to T, 'Lachie will make up for it' hee hee


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