Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Mama

when do we get hair and eyebrows ??


  1. Oh how I love twins! Nothing cuter!
    I was doing a cradle cap treatment on Harper this morning and his hair started falling out :(
    That said he still has enough for a handful of bubbys!

  2. Hahah ;) My boys are just over one and they are getting a bit more hair but there's still no sign of eyebrows yet!

  3. Dare I say it, my big boy, who is now 12, didn't get hair until he was 2!!! He wore lots of hats. Now he has the thickest, most gorgeous curly mop you have ever seen! .... and the boys school he goes to makes him keep it short.... but we grow it wild during the school holidays! A-M xx
    PS. Your bubbies are totally edible!

  4. Suc a gorgeous photo! Your boys are adorable :)


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