Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Controlling much?

As much as I would love to be one of those people who can just go with the flow, take whatever comes, and not worry about anything at all (do they actually exist, these people??), I'm not.

I have always been a planner, and love lists, diagrams, ticking things off, and gantt charts.

Having two babies at once has probably only intensified this side of me, with the bizarre side-effect of totally calming me down and chilling me out.

My days are very structured, but more than ever I am thriving on it. It means I know where we're all at at particular point. If my boys are crying, then I know why - I don't have to guess. And they are thriving too. They almost visibly sigh with relief when I pop them down for a sleep. They very rarely kick up a fuss. I can pop them down, give them a quick kiss, a gentle rub between the eyes, and walk out of the nursery, and they will go to sleep on their own.

Until yesterday, the schedule was in my head. Now, it's on a corkboard.
T totally cracked up when he arrived home last night and saw it. He thinks I'm nuts. Actually, he probably couldn't believe I hadn't done it earlier.

On the husband note, isn't it heartwrenching when they get home and the little ones are already asleep?? Oh, my heart just bleeds for him. It isn't fair. I know the parent who is at home with little ones works incredibly hard, but I really feel for the one who is off at work. Especially when the thought of seeing their bubba when they get home is what keeps them going all day.


  1. Hi Jen
    I Looooove your lists!! As a twin mummy too I feel a little out of control at times, I'm a virgo and a perfectionist so this makes me feel stressed. I love writing lists and ticking them off, but haven't really got to making lists for the everyday things. Think I might just have to do it!
    Hope you are having a great day, managed to get another batch of muffins out unburnt and are getting through you today list


  2. Writing lists makes me happy, ticking off items makes me ecstatic!

  3. hehe. i am a total plan-a-holic. rofl. didnt you see that i created a new blog. specifically for all my lists. hehe.

  4. I love the lists! It's such a great idea - and I'm tipping it means you get more things done. Lists calm me down too; it means I don't have to worry that I've forgotten things. And the feeling when you cross something off is... bliss.


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