Monday, December 21, 2009

Point + Shoot

Here's a few snaps of my weekend for Chantelle's latest Point + Shoot bit of fun. Head over to Fat Mum Slim to check out more.
!!Short Hair!!
More than 20cm cut off, and shorter than I've had it since I had no hair when I was sick about 8 years ago! A good move I think - I had a silly long hair = health association that needed a kick in the butt.

Littlest Buddy (Lachie) hanging out in his new bumbo (such a clever head-holder-upper) and... intently watching the cricket!!! SO cute.


  1. I love the hair! Yellow looks great on you, by the way.

    x Jane.

  2. How good are the bumbos, mine has sadly outgrown his now!

  3. Gorgeous shots! Oh, and the 9th September is the date for all the cutest babies to be born - my little girl is exactly one year older than your twins...

  4. Oh, in the bumbo ALREADY? Woah. Where has the time gone?

    Jen, I must say, you are absolutely beautiful. I love your hair. It's really lovely. And Jane is spot on, yellow so suits you.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend. xx

  5. What an awesome birthdate for your boys! I was due the 15th September this year and so had my fingers crossed my little one would arrive on the 09/09/09... (had to wait another 25 days!).

    Your little one is holding his head up so well. I must find our little seat and see if my little man wants to sit up yet!

  6. Amazing hair cut! You look stunning. Super clever sitter-upper there! Super stunning bassinette!


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