Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 Weeks

Today is your 7 week birthday boys. 7 weeks! I can't believe it's been that long since you were born.

You both started smiling this week. Adorable. Adorable. Adorable. I have been trying to capture it in a photo, but haven't successfully managed yet. I'll keep trying.

You survived one of mama and daddy's parties this weekend. In fact, I think you rather enjoyed the attention. All those cuddles from all those lovely people. What lucky boys.

Lach having cuddles with Aunty Renae

and Uncle Mike

and Aunty Shari

Hamish with Daddy

and Uncle Mike

and Uncle Dom

It was supposed to be an afternoon get-together, but in typical Campbell Case fashion it went for a full 12 hours - right through until 1am. You stayed up and partied with the best of them too. Didn't cry. Just sat back, chillled, and enjoyed the show (and oh my goodness, what a show!). Daddy and Uncle Dom looked very very funny with your pram toys attached to their earlobes didn't they.....!!!

You're just delightful, and I adore you with every breath in me.

All the love in the universe

Your Mama

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  1. teheh - did you get a picture of that? [that being the two males with the pram toys].

    gorgeous boys you have jen!



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