Monday, September 7, 2009

2 sleeps to go!!!!

Only 2 sleeps until I meet my little darling boys!!! I just can't believe it. I'm so ridulously excited, slightly nervous (I'm going to have to have a c-section), and a bit overwhelmed at what it's going to be like with my babies in the NICU.

The three of us have been having daily foetal heart monitoring and umbilical cord flow scans every other day or so for a week now. One of my little ones is very little, and unfortunately isn't getting everything he needs. Technically they're calling this "impaired placental bloodflow with increased resistance". And the poor little mite's heartrate has been dropping quite low with each contraction that I have, so the consensus is that he's under a bit too much stress and will be better off out than in!

They will be 34 weeks gestation, and I've been having steroid injections to help with their lung maturity, so we're not expecting any major problems relating to their prematurity aside from needing to 'fatten up' a bit.

What an amazing journey this pregnancy has been! And what an even more amazing journey is about to begin!

Bring it on :)


  1. 34 weeks is something to be proud of!! Well done! The best part of the whole situation is you KNOW you are having them and the steroids can do a hell of a lot of good work!

    I went into pre-term labout at 34w1d, and was hospitalised. I had the 2 courses of steroids and luckily my cervix wasn't playing the same game my uterus was and wouldn't budge.. so I lived with constant contractions for a further 3w 3d until they were delivered by c-sec.

    Best of luck for a safe delivery and short stay in the NIC or SCN. Welcome to multiple mummyhood! xx

  2. woohoo! i cant give any pregnancy advice. but have fun with your bubbas is all i can say!

  3. best, best wishes to you and your baby boys Jen. I can't wait to see them. Have a wonderful time meeting your new little men. Sandra xx


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