Sunday, May 4, 2014

18/52: Instagram killed the blog

Between a broken lens, a photo program slower than I have the patience for, and instagram, this poor space has been very neglected.

So, after a long hiatus, here is 18/52.

Roc: bracing against the breeze after an impromptu dip in the river

Hame: there's nothing better than a bubble bath
Joining in with Jodi


  1. Such beautiful boys. Love Roc's bracing face, and how divine is that bath smile of Hame's. Gorgeous light and captures x

  2. What beautiful smiles your pair have !

  3. They are getting so big! I wondered how you were. I haven't ventured onto Instagram, due to the fact that I don't use a mobile. I'm getting to the stage where I will need to have one soon. I'm dreading it. But I do like the look of Instagram feeds. Other bloggers have mentioned also that Instagram has taken over their usual blogging routine. Take care. Elaina xo

  4. You caught some great facial expressions. Beautiful pictures.


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