Thursday, September 5, 2013


We have had weeks of birthdays and Father's Day celebrations, sickness and fevers.

Despite all the festivities, and all the photos taken, there are so few of the boys on their own. When families come together to celebrate, everyone jumps right in. As it should be.

Hame. Gently waving goodbye to Daddy as he leaves for work in the early morning light. A daily ritual I hope he will always remember.

Roc. Give him a bubbler, and this kid is as happy as can be. He's fascinated by them.
Joining Jodi's 52 project. 


  1. Such gorgeous captures. I love the light in that first one, such a gorgeous ritual too. One I think my girls will remember xx

  2. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous boys as always. Have a great weekend Jen. xo


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