Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Great Escape of 2012

Boys, boys, boys, boys.....

Oh, where do I begin?

You escaped! Out of your bedroom, out of the house, through the fence, and up the street onto the main road.

You were going to catch the bus to the rugby, apparently.

You were well prepared for your grand adventure. Rocky, you had Daddy's rugby season ticket lanyard strung around your neck. Hamey you had Daddy's QLD Reds cap on, and his ROLEX wrapped around your upper arm. You didn't want to be late, obviously.

Rocky, you were covered - no, smothered - in my tinted moisturiser. "Suncream" you said, so you wouldn't get bitten by the sun. Still in your Thomas the Tank Engine sleepysuits though - you know, the ones with the feet in.

And you were so determined! You pushed our letterbox out of its fence mounting and onto the footpath to create your escape hatch. God knows how you shimmied your way through the 'window' left behind.


I'm serious. You pushed that baby onto the footpath and somehow crawled out and managed the not-insignificant drop to the grass. How, how, how? And that scratch at the top? That's the only evidence of the entire terrifying incident.

A very kind and lovely stranger found you both nearing the bus stop and kindly returned you home after you (thankfully) were able to tell her where you lived. Full address. Perfectly recited. You also explained to her that you were just going to the rugby. And you had been "wery wery careful of cars". Sweet Lord.

I, of course, have been feeling like Mother of the Year. I'm sure it won't be the first time.

You two are brothers-in-arms. Partners in crime. Your daddy and I are in for a wild ride.

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Thank goodness you knew your address. Thank goodness we have taught you to stay away from the road. Thank goodness you are safe.

[I'm predicting that a long time in the future when we are re-telling this story for the bazillionth time - probably at your 21st birthdays - that I just might be able to laugh about it. But until then.......]


  1. Oh sweet lady ! I may never tire of this story.
    Their attention to detail is VERY impressive !

    1. I know - isn't it just. Little monkeys. My heart is still beating irregularly. x

  2. Good golly you poor thing! Your heart must have stopped! What time did they escape? I hope you can smile about this little adventurous tale soon :) I too have made sure Grace can recite our full address - so important, so many children I taught even at age eight couldn't tell me where they lived... x

    1. Oh, Amanda, it was heart-stopping alright. I still go cold at the thought of it. It's so important for them to be able to know where they live. In fact, I have told so many people this story now, and almost everyone has been astounded they knew their address. A friend's five year old answers 'Australia' when you ask her where she lives! I still feel absolutely terrible about the whole thing. It is horrifying x

  3. Oh, my! I just came across your blog and I'm chuckling/gasping! I have 2.5-year-old girl twins and the way they work together to achieve their mischievous ends... I fear a sneaky trip up the road is in my near future.
    Greer xx

    1. Hi Greer! So lovely to meet you. Yes, two together can certainly spur each other on! I have braced myself for a lifetime of it x


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