Thursday, August 23, 2012


It was T's birthday this week, and luckily for us he was able to take a half day from work. It was such a treat for all of us, but particularly for him. He works so hard, and such long hours for us, to make sure we have what we need.

The weather here is utterly divine at the moment so we took advantage of it and hit the beach.

Ah, look at that. Three Country Road bums all in a row.

In other news, far out those boys got big. So big. They got those boardies nearly exactly a year ago - for their second birthday - and they were GIANT. Giant. As in down to their ankles and falling off even when done up as tight as possible.

We made T a chocolate and strawberry birthday cake. The small ones are funny little creatures; I offered up all the decorating accessories in the world (sprinkles in all the colours you can imagine, cachous, icing pens, stick on shapes), expecting it to turn out to be a beautiful chaotic mess, but they were only interested in putting strawberries on top. Look at Hamish eyeing it off; those berries didn't last long  :)
I love my spunky boys. So so much. I am blessed.

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