Friday, May 4, 2012

They got so big!

My babies are so big! How? When? 

But it's such an interesting time.

In so many ways they seem so much older than 2.5 - especially Rocky - like when he tells me he wants: "chorizo cous cous - the big cous cous mama, not the little cous cous" for dinner. Or when he tells me he loves me very very much and he's very proud of me! Or when they tell me they're grown ups and don't need baby things anymore and only want to eat grown-up food off grown-up plates. They are so confident with people and happily announce their full names to anyone who asks. They march off (or race off - especially when I'm in David Jones - specialising in the 'run in opposite directions' manouvre) with confidence and eagerness into the world.

In other ways they are still little babies (and always will be, I expect) - like needing BIIIIG cuddles before bed, grabbing my hand when they're unsure of something, needing their boo-boos kissed better, edging closer and closer until they're on top of me when they get tired, and taking their trains to bed (which T then has to gently remove hours later from their gorgeous gentle grip).

They're amazing these little humans. I never knew to expect such amazing-ness (is that a word?). They blow my mind. I am privileged. And grateful. And tired. But that's ok :)

The following photos are of the boys with their "cousin Blakey" - possibly the only person they will hold hands with for more than 20 seconds. They adore him.  x


  1. Such darling boys you have. I always smile when I read your heartfelt posts about them. Such a gorgeous age isn't it? x

  2. Just realised you'd stopped by my blog, thanks for taking the time to comment xx


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