Monday, May 30, 2011

19 - 20 months

My darling Hamish,

You've had a big couple of months! Overseas adventures, your first long-haul plane ride, lots and lots of growing!

You travelled like a total superstar and didn't skip a beat.

You are such a special little boy. Always so happy. Smiling. Laughing. Snuggling. Singing. Playing. Hiding.

One of the most gorgeous things you do is to hide behind something - usually a long curtain - and then pop out to say 'Boo'! You giggle your little head off, and could do it all day long.

You're happiest when you're surrounded by other children (you call them all babies) to play with. You like to give them all a big cuddle.

You wave hello and goodbye at literally everyone you see. They all love you too. You just have a gorgeous way of bringing out the soft side of everyone. Your happiness is so innocent and so genuine that no-one can resist.

You didn't mind when hundreds of people wanted to take your photo when we were in Europe. Everywhere we went people stopped to take your photo and you thought it was so exciting making all these new friends!

You love slippery slides, Tiny Tots, snuggles, grapes, sultanas, smelling flowers (and picking them for Mama!), and jumping. Your hair is growing as well - finally!

I love you my darling one.

All the love in the universe,
Your Mama

Ah Rocky, you are a scalliwag.

You are noisy, and demanding and utterly adorable. You talk all the time - from the minute you wake up "Mummy, I woke up, Bag - off!, Wiggles, DVD, Milk, MIILLKKKK, toast!" to the minute you go to sleep "Bag - on, milk, bed, night night".

You're into everything, and if I didn't witness it with my own two eyes I wouldn't believe it was possible for such chaos and havoc to be generated by one tiny human!

You love cuddling and you love Hamish. You are always looking out for him. If I give you your water cup, you immediately say "Water, Mish?" and make sure he has his. If we're getting your pyjamas on you need to know that Mishy has his as well. I think you might say "Mish" than any other word. You know he's your special brother and you tell everyone "Mish - brudder".

You learn words so quickly and delight in them. When we were on our big overseas adventure you loved to tell everyone you were in "Nurmany" or "Como" or "Caris". You learned how to say 'Ciao' and 'Bonjour', and made so many people laugh with your gigantic personality wrapped up in that tiny little body!

I love you monkey - you are hilarious.

All the love in the universe,
Your mama

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  1. What beautiful little personalities each of your little men have! Their 2nd birthday is not that far away. Isn't this such a gorgeous age? xx


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