Monday, August 30, 2010

I've had to sew them in

Truly, I have. See?

My babies are so excited about their not-even-so-new-anymore-found ability to stand up that they do it all the time. All day. All night. Even when they are so so so tired they literally can't open their eyes or hold their heads up, they still trying to stand up in their cots. It's like they're compelled to do it, as though it's beyond their control. Even in their sleeping bags!!

We found that if we put gentle pressure on their mid-section - just resting a hand across their tummy/chest - they would be instantly asleep, but the micro-second we let go, they were UP! UP! UP! Crying, wanting to be asleep, but unable to stop themselves from snapping back up to standing.

After nearly two months of 10-12 wake ups per night, we had to do something. None of us was getting any sleep. We were all miserable and exhausted.

So, I sewed them in. Well, I turned an old cloth nappy into a wide band that folds across their tummies and keeps them in position.

I felt so guilty as I was making them, and even worse as I put them on the beds and "strapped them in". But then.... bliss! 13 HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. That was nearly 2 weeks ago, and it's been the same every night since.

They can get out if they really want to. Lach has taken his off twice when he wasn't ready for sleep. But they do seem to like them - I guess it's like being swaddled again. They certainly needed them. T and I needed them. We're all better rested and lot happier in our little house.


  1. Don't feel guilty you've helped your precious boys to get a good nights sleep which is so important for their growth and development. What a bonus that doing the best thing for them also works for you and hubby to be better rested too. Better rested means better parents. It's a win win you clever mummy

  2. Don't feel guilty, you're a GENIUS! xx

  3. This is great....such a good idea and you go your sleep and so did the little ones.

  4. Hi Jen,

    The little wooden plane was a gift from my sister in's very cute and very well loved. It was purchased from a local craft market for only $3.00 (amazing for a handmade wooden toy) hope you and your boys are well.



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